Hey! I'm Sakhi Munot.

An IB student, entrepreneur, equestrian, actor, photographer and filmmaker with big dreams to leave the world a little better than I found it. I'm an eighteen year old Mumbaikar with a burning passion for all things business and marketing.

And here's how my friends would describe me!

Strong, passionate and fiercely opinionated, Sakhi cannot stand ‘aloof people’. She has a natural talent (or ‘common sense’ as she says) when it comes to anything business. Sakhi knows it all, without being your quintessential know-it-all.

The drama in her being has even been certified by her theatre diploma from Trinity. Perceptive, witty and full of grit, she comes with a photographic memory, tall ambitions and the latest business book in her hand.

Although seemingly daunting, Sakhi has a heart of gold, seeped in empathy, and brimming with care. With the perfect blend of an IQ and EQ you’ll find this backpack girl, with her camera slung around her, confident and ready to take on the world.