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  • Unparalleled Focus on clinical excellence leading to 8 JCI accreditations within the group at Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Dhaka and Kolkata.

  • World class Centres of Excellence with over 50 specialities delivering top patient care to international and domestic patients

  • Highly advanced technology along with the best professional care for all your needs: Cancer Treatment – Proton Therapy, Bronchial Thermoplasty, Hybrid Revascularisation, Da Vinci@ Robotic Surgical System, Renaissance Robotic Surgical System, Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Percutaneous Mitral Valce Repair with MITRACLIP, Bone Marrow Transplant, Cyberknife, Surgery for Parkinsons Disease and many more

Patients are Talking about Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Heart Institute – Centre of Excellence

  • 1,52,000 cardiac surgeries conducted till date - only 10 hospitals in the world have an experience of reaching to these these volumes.

  • 99.6% astonishing success rate in cardiac bypass surgeries.

  • Cutting edge procedures used like beating-heart and off-pump surgery, either by trans-radial angioplasty and stenting, thoracotomy (minimal invasive access), mitral valve replacement and or classical sternotomy.

  • Performed first Heart Transplant from a brain-dead patient in 2018

  • Apollo Hospitals has introduced MitraClip, a cutting-edge technology to treat cardiac patients

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Apollo Orthopedics Institute – Centre of Excellence

  • Total Knee Replacement and Hip replacement surgeries, Lumbar disc replacement, 3rd generation spinal implants, and Resorbable screw usage to correct congenital spine problems

  • Bone and joint replacement surgeries including the most current Arthroscopic and Reconstructive techniques are used.

  • Shoulder surgeries and the most delicate hand micro-surgeries are performed with great precision.

  • Sports injuries (like damage to meniscus, cartilage, ligaments etc.) are treated with key-hole (arthroscopic) surgery. Severely damaged joints are replaced with artificial joints with almost similar usage like normal joints.

  • Cutting edge procedures used like revolutionary combination of CT imaging/mapping, modelling software and 3D printing technology, True Personalized Knee are becoming a reality.

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Apollo Spine Surgery Institute – Centre of Excellence

  • The maximum number of spinal deformity corrections are performed in Apollo Hospitals in India.

  • The Renaissance Robotic Technology, the only robotic system specifically designed for spine surgery is offered by Apollo for the first time in Asia-Pacific

  • The 3rd generation spinal implants in India were introduced for the first time in India by Apollo. An anterior stabilization spinal implant was designed in Apollo and is now being used all around the world.

  • The first lumbar disc replacement in India was performed at Apollo, and several lumbar disc replacements and cervical spine surgeries are performed regularly.

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Apollo Neurosciences Institute – Centre of Excellence

  • Latest services including best-in-class Neuro-Radiology services, NeuroIntensive Care facilities, Medical and Radiation Oncology services enable Apollo Hospitals to achieve outcomes equivalent to the best in the world.

  • All the neurological diseases including stroke, epilepsy, coma, headache, multiple sclerosis, myopathies, neuropathies, Parkinson's disease, and many more are treated successfully in Apollo Hospitals.

  • Annually more than 1000 neurosurgeries conducted in the hospital.

  • Sports injuries (like damage to meniscus, cartilage, ligaments etc.) are treated with key-hole (arthroscopic) surgery. Severely damaged joints are replaced with artificial joints with almost similar usage like normal joints.

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Apollo Cancer Care Institute – Centre of Excellence

  • Over 125 surgical and radiation Oncology specialists as well as diagnostic consultants offer comprehensive Cancer Care treatment.

  • Thousands of patients from over 120 countries visit the hospital for cancer treatment every year which itself speaks volume about the success that the hospital has achieved in giving cancer care.

  • Our experts, along with the latest Diagnostics such as the 64 slice PET CT, the latest in Radiation therapy such as the TrueBeam STX and the soon to be launched Proton therapy, the Individualized therapy profiling using molecular diagnostics and genetics, and the skilled Robotic surgeons who perform minimally invasive surgery, offer the best survival chances.

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