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What's new with Solar?

Every day the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, bringing light and heat to the earth. Our local star does this so effortlessly that we often forget what a gift of nature it is to us. Deep inside the sun's surface, hydrogen atoms produce massive amount of energy through nuclear fusion. A part of that energy helps Earth to sustain life. It is not only the cleanest form of energy, it's also simply renewable. We use sun's energy in many forms as it converts itself into fossil fuels, tidal energy, wind energy etc. We also use it directly using solar panels either on a personal level or through big governmental plants. But, for the first time in India, Stellar Energy Private Limited is bringing you the opportunity to invest and co-own a solar power plant for greener future and returns.

How we do it?

  • We split a power plant into many of pieces: In Kilowatts
  • You can buy one or more Kilowatt.
  • Per Kilowatt yields an average of 1500 kWh* per year.
  • The power generated is sold to power companies, Industries and Corporate houses.
  • Profit generated is shared between the owners i.e. you and others.
  • Your generated energy can be followed live on your phone or PC via application

*Production varies from place to place i.e. in Delhi the average sun light is for 5.5 hrs/day so 1KW system will produce 1980 Units assuming 30 sunny days/month. In actual the production works out to 1584 units due to environmental and other factors.

Why go Solar?

Capture your solar profit in one simple click
No matter whether you're expecting a greener future or returns, we have got you covered with Profit from Sun. Our plans no only give you ownership of your own energy, but they also bring you substantial returns.

For Investors

Electricity is one of the few commodities where demand is increasing with time. As the conventional sources become more and more expensive due to soring rates of fossil fuels, solar ensures a highly rewarding investment as a better competitor in the market.
Other factors to make solar investment a good investment are: tax exemption, 100% transparency and contribution towards environment.

For Buyer

The absence of intermediary parties and transparency in our system makes solar power much cheaper than the conventional providers. It also cut downs electricity bills by minimalizing the dependency on generators and erratic power supply.
Other factors that make solar power a good alternative are: no capital expenditure, CSR benefits and hassle-free conduct.
Also, once the PPA is signed with organizations, the price remains constant.

Invest in Solar Today

Your bank account (and grandchildren) will thank you in the future.