Who we are?

We are an online-only school, created with a drive to transform the traditional learning structures & become a school of the future. We do understand choosing a school for your child is one of the most crucial initial decisions you make for them.


Pre-Nursery to KG


Class 1 to 5

Extra Curricular Courses

Class 1 to 5

Why this school is one of a kind

More flexibility in learning

More comfortable learning environment

Better learning outcomes

Superior teachers and study materials

Improved tech skills

Geographic flexibility

Who can enroll

The Class of One is ideal for those who are looking for a superior alternative to traditional schools.


Homeschooled children who need structured learning at home

Gifted Children

Students who want to excel or learn at their own pace

Mid Term Admission Seekers

Children who require admissions in the middle of a term

Medically Disadvantaged

Children with medical conditions who cannot attend regular schools

Transferable Jobholders

Children of parents who have transferable jobs

Professionally Trained

Children who are getting professional training in arts and sports who need, flexible learning options

Quality Conscious

Those who feel traditional schools lack due to substandard quality of educational standards

Geographically Disadvantaged

Those who do not have a good school close to where they live

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