The organic compounds extracted from plants are known as essential oils. Essentials oils have the quality to capture a plant’s flavour and scent which is also known as essence. The presence of aromatic compounds gives each essential oils its unique essence. These high-grade essential oils are obtained after distillation using steam or water and mechanical methods like cold pressing.
Unlike essential oils, aroma chemicals are mostly synthetic aromas developed through chemical processes with few exceptions like artisan perfumes which are obtained from natural products. Different aroma chemicals are generally used in certain proportions to create a unique aroma which is further utilised in flavours, fragrances and other industries. In the raw state some aroma chemicals have a mesmerizing smell while others have a foul odour but when used in the right amounts, they provide exceptional aromatic qualities.
We offer a wide range of high-quality essential oils, aroma chemicals and ayurvedic products.
Since ancient times, people from across different parts of the world have been using essential oils for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Nowadays, essential oils are used in the manufacturing of different kinds of products like pain balms, ointments, toothpaste, hair oils, skin creams, lozenges, soaps, energy drinks and much more. Aroma chemicals are used in different industries which include tobacco-based products, incense sticks, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and many other items of daily use.
As an industry leader, we offer 90+ types of aroma chemicals, 40+ types of essential oils, 50+ types of ayurveda products.
We currently cater to different kinds of industries which include foods & beverages, cosmetics& personal care, aromatherapy, agriculture & livestock, pharmaceutical, fragrance& favour, household & domestic cleaning, ayurveda and others.
We are one of the pioneers in procuring and providing high-quality essential oils in India. We source choicest of essential oils, aroma chemicals and ayurveda products from countries like China, Indonesia etc. We follow a streamlined approach and maintain a well-documented work in all our dealings according to the mandatory government procedures and industry guidelines. Moreover, we never dilute or adulterate our products and have state-of-the-art temperature-controlled warehouse for the same in Sec-58 Noida.
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We are headed by an industry veteran and expert Mr Eish Mediratta who is the Managing Director of the company. He has more than thirty years of niche and rich experience in marketing & export of organic chemicals with a focus on pine products, aromatic & speciality chemicals & synthetic resins.
Established in the year 2008, we are unrivalled in the import of essential oils, aroma chemicals and Ayurveda products in North India. Over the years we have delivered optimum customer satisfaction, achieved recurrent business due to quality standards and have partnered with renowned global brands. We are also members of leading trade bodies like FAFAI (Fragrance & Flavour Association of India) and EOAI (Essential Oil Association of India) which further adds up to our credibility.