Mr. Umendra Kumar Gupta is a partner and an investor in United Multichem- a venture of Holostik Group. He is the proverbial think-tank leading the Holostik Group since its inception in the year 1978. Holostik group was established with his sole intention, vision and impulsion to create a world of ‘No compromises’.

With his surprising vigour and commitment, he has revolutionised the aroma chemicals, essential oils and Ayurveda industries in India through United Multichem. Under his able leadership, United Multichem has grown to become one of the leading organizations in the import of camphor in India. He has also steered the company to grow as a brand name in the world of speciality chemicals.

Besides being a true leader Mr. U.K Gupta has focused on different aspects of the organization which are necessary in today’s competitive world. Under his amicable guidance, the company has partnered with the leading names of speciality chemicals across the world. Over the years he has also made it sure to take utmost care of consumer satisfaction and welfare of the employees.

Under his able and visionary leadership, Holostik Group has consistently grown to become an established conglomerate in the global market and has marked its deep footprints in anti-counterfeiting products & solutions, packaging services, real estate, logistics, aroma chemicals & essential oils through five companies.

Mr. U.K. Gupta is a management post-graduate from the prestigious Banaras Hindu University. He is also involved in different CSR activities and believes in working for the welfare of the poor and downtrodden people.